Friday, March 14, 2008

A new semi-post

Hello, my ultra-dear only reader,

I don't write anything in this blog for quite a long time. And there's nothing semi-good/decent in this blog for really a long time, so.. i thought maybe it's a good time for some new post...

The other day i was with so many thoughts i thought were deep thoughts, though i think i forget them all... Anyway... At that time it seemed something blogable, but now i feel a little tired to remember...

(Just a parenthesis:
(I think i'm getting crazy/going mad
((Why did i say that though?
(((Ah sim... Cause i'm getting crazy...
(End of parentheses..)

And, today i was thinking of something about saying things on the written way, not on the spoken one.... it seemed interesting too...
But now i can't think the same thing
In fact, i think i can't think anything about any thing
But i hope soon i'll bring these ideas to this blog, if it may interest you.

(Just another parenthesis:
(My idea when i started to write this post was to share these 'thoughts' and 'ideas' with you..
(But it's hard, cause i don't remember what those ideas were exactly...
(End of Parentheis)

So... Soon...