Monday, May 28, 2007

The text in wich I will try to develop the ideas contained on the previous post.

I started this blog to write things, and I thought that I had things to write. I see now that probably I was wrong. But maybe I was not completely wrong, maybe I do have things to write, and I just lack the ability to write those things.
The fact is that a few days ago I had an idea, and I tried to write a nice text to publish in this blog. I think this is the very moment to comment the importance (or no) in the process of writing a good text, but, as I said in the post before this, many people did this before. Then, I would do nothing new, hence maybe I must try to do something really new. But there is nothing new in trying to do something new.
But I think, my only reader, that you don´t care if you´re gonna read a new thing. In fact, I suspect you know taht there´s nothing new in the earth, so it´s time to stop saying foolishness and telling you what I wanted to write.
(Just an opportune comment: my vocabulary is really poor... And my grammar.. terrible.... Why the heck I´m writing in English?)
One of this days I decided to go back home (from my universty) walking. I like to walk very much, and it is good to think, or to don´t think in anything, I have some distraction of the world doing this. And sometimes when I pass some street that I haven´t passed for a long time I remember of one or other situation in wich I walked there before in the company of some friend that I don´t see anymore. I usually only remember the names of my friends and the occasion in wich we were walking together.
And then I decided to write a post based on the facts described on the last paragraph, I wanted to describe this fact in a nice way, and then make some reflections about past, memories, feelings, future, etc., in a quite melancholic fashion.
Probably the reason for my incapacity in writing that text was the insincerity about my feelings and perspectives concerning to life. If I had written what I wanted, I would have exagerated my feelings, my memories, my perspectives, my ideas...
If I had writen what I wanted to write, I would be a character in a non-literary text narrated in first person (hmm.. maybe it is new :) And I don´t know if this is nice, this mixture of character, author and narrator. Maybe the author could not be confused with his characters, and maybe I must have a good idea of what I am really writing, if is a literary text or not. If I don´t do this maybe I may tell lies thinking that I´m doing a cool thing.
But I am not sure, your opinion is of the greater importance in this blog, my only reader (as i said before, I know that you´re not my only reader, but I also know that you are my only reader. You asked what did I mean by that, and I answer: I am not sure, what do you think? :p)
I am seeing now that I didn´t develop the ideas contained in my previous post, but those ideas are very inconsistent... who cares about it?
Maybe someday I will try to develop the ideas of this text.
Just wait.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just another regular text in wich the author talks about his lack of inspiration

You probably have already read a text about inspiration. The author (usually an amatteur) makes a reflection about the process of writing, the techniques, the function of the so-called "inspiration", and blablabla.
It is quite common. So, why the fuck would I write one of this texts? Simply because I coudn´t write a text for posting in this blog. My last (and my first) post was one week ago, and I received thousands of solicitations to write a new one....
And now you are reading this very inspirational text. It´s nice, isn´t it?
In my next post I´ll try do develop the ideas of this text, because the inspiration is not with me right now.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ma english too bad.

Why the heck I am writing in English????
ou seria "am I writting"?....

Blogito, ergo sum.

I decided to join the cyberworld. I am blogging, and I just wanna know why the hell I´m doing this. Do you, my only reader, know?

I´m not sure, but I have some hypotheses, it may be just narcisism (it happens a lot), may be just a desire to share my thoughts with the world, it can be a try to increase my social network.

But I also can use this space to do something more "useful", like expressing scientifical ideas, hypotheses and theories, and discuss these ideas with smart people. We can do some philosophy, literature, etc.

I think I will do everything that I said I could do with a blog, I think soon I will share the history of my life with you, if you want to, of course.

And then we´re gonna have some philosophy. Soon.

By the way, the image is a T-shirt I saw on Internet, at .